It’s fitting…

Today, is #BellLetsTalk day here in Canada and though my blog is still ‘under construction’, I feel it all too fitting to share it with the world today.

I am the face of mental illness. I have 4 mental health illnesses that impede on how I live my life daily and slap some massive grief on top of that and we have, me.  I may struggle, however, I do everything possible to find the light in the dark, the beauty within pain, the afterglow of my life after loss and mental health diagnosis’.  And laughter, well, it’s just one of the best medicines out there.

I work diligently to cope and understand.  I also work hard to make my story heard.  If my story can help just one, just one person, reach out, talk , live their truth, than I have succeeded.

The stigmas that come with mental illness have consequences beyond what some of us could ever imagine.  The consequences of living in shame or fear that stigmas around mental health can cause, they are fatal and not just physically.  Stigma, it can take our heart, but, also our souls.  To some of the darkest places.  In the depths of darkness, I have found corners of darkness within myself I never knew existed.  They lead to suicide ideation, isolation from any type of support, professional or personal and the list goes on and on and on.

Speaking my truth to not only the world, but also, to myself, it helped save me.  It also allows me to live my truth, unapologetically, every single day.  I still struggle in the stigmas that have held me back in the past few years, but I have a ‘0 fucks given’ attitude towards the shamers or blamers. I know my truths and I don’t have to justify them to anyone!

I was 38 years old when my truths fell.  Time lost is a lesson learned, they say.  It just makes me that much more passionate about living life at 40 and how I want to move forward in peer work with others who suffer just as I have and continue to learn, heal and grow within my mental health.

If you suffer, reach out!  I assure you, I am only here today because of my strength and courage to do just that and you can do it to!!!

My name is Lindsay Beal and I am the face of mental health.

7 thoughts on “It’s fitting…

  1. Lyndsay this so real and eloquently written. A pleasure to read and enlightening to get to know you better. Your journey is a testament to strength and truly inspiring!! I look forward to what you share next!

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    1. Nina!!!!!! You are equally inspiring and such a beautiful human. I hope you follow this blog journey! I can’t wait to follow the next leg of your’s and am so grateful to be a part of it. You, are a wonderful soul, Nina. My heart… Thank you.. xoxo


  2. Lyndsay, I am a new blogger on mental illness as well. I have lived with MDD or clinical depression for 25 years. I was forced to retire from my teaching career two years early because I could no longer find the strength to get out of bed in the morning. With medication my life is easier but it is still a difficult process. I am hoping that writing a blog will give me a focus and a place to share and listen. I just started following you and I wish you all the best. I’d love you to visit my site.


  3. I just noticed that you are following my Foster Cat Chats blog. I have a question. That was an old blog which I loved doing but have not updated recently. My new blog is called Aergia’s Daughter. When you clicked on my name were you automatically taken to Foster cats Chat? I’m very pleased that you are following it but I was hoping to get interest in my deression blog. I’m not sure how the wordpress site works so can you tell me what happens and where it leads you when you press on my name. Thanks, Lyndsay.


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